How To Easily Unclog Kitchen Sink?

A clogged kitchen sink? Not again. You might want to call on the drain cleaning services for this but why not try it for yourself this time?

It definitely bugs a lot when the water won’t drain out of the kitchen sink. A chemical liquid drain cleaner sometimes leaves stains on the sink which is another reason to hate clogged sinks. Well, you don’t always have to use the chemical liquid drain cleaner for this.

Learn about drain cleaning

Cleaning up the kitchen sink is not something very hard to do. Here you will learn how with a few steps you can perform the drain cleaning service by yourself instead of hiring a service provider. Read on to learn about DIY drain cleaning:

Get A Plunger

The first thing you need to grab is a plunger. Even if you hire a drain cleaning service they are going to do the same. To clear out the clog, use a plunger. A common household plunger would do well. The thing you need to take care of is knowing how to use the plunger correctly and exactly for the purpose of unclogging the drain. Although, using a plunger is pretty easy and everyone knows how to do it but when used the right way, it unclogs drains very effectively.

Unfix The Trap

The second thing you need to do is to remove the trap. The shape and position of the trap plays a key role and can be clogged pretty easily with the debris coming down the sink drain. Once you remove the drain trap it will give you a direct access to the clog that will make it easier to clear out the blockage. If the trap is not clogged, then you can inspect the pipe surrounding it. Removing the trap will give you access to clean the pipe as well.

Drain Snake Usage

In the entire process of drain cleaning, just the plunger wouldn’t be enough. You would need to snake the drain. Many drain machines are out there which you can choose from depending on the best option for your home kitchen skin drain. Either a mini-rooter or a medium drain machine would probably be the options you can choose from. As drain snakes are not usually owned by people as they are a little expensive to purchase and are not used by household people. So making the purchase could cost you a little money but make the investment worth your while. It is not necessary to purchase the snake drain as now you can also rent it for a while, use it and then return. This gives you an easier solution.

Drain Cleaner Liquid

When you have tried all the drain cleaning hacks and they haven’t worked for you well then the liquid drain cleaner is the last choice for you. You can also use these on regular basis if you fear your sink drain might clog more than often. Pour the liquid carefully right into the drain and make sure less of the liquid stays around so that drain liquid stains can be avoided.

With regular maintenance you can easily unclog your kitchen sink drain and won’t need to get drain cleaning service manhattan providers for it.

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