Does Jet/Vac Drain Cleaning Works?

If you ever encounter the commercial drain cleaning services, you’ll see that they come with huge machines to do their jobs. While it seems extremely dangerous, it is actually the most effective way of unclogging the drain, here why we think that:


Jet/vac services require the pressurized pouring of water down the drain hence cleaning the debris, gunk or the pipe itself unclogging the drain. Mostly commercial cleaning requires the jet/vac services because the traditional plumbing services take a lot of time as well as energy and effort while this method just simply does the trick without causing any harm or wasting any precious time.


The process that the commercial drain cleaning undergoes by vac services is:

  • First a hole is dug. This is mostly up to you, many other don’t dig a hole rather go through with something different. So the hole is dug and a camera inspection line is passed through it to recognize the problem.
  • Upon inserting the line, they see the problem and analyze it to see whether the services they are about to offer will do the work or destroy the already present process. They carefully analyze the situation.
  • Then after deciding if the work is for the jet/vac services, they adjust their settings and push pressured water down the drain.
  • The high pressure water removes the lying gunk blocking the path or the debris or anything else.
  • The whole process takes at the most 30 mins depending upon your drain and the type of cleaning you want.
  • After it is done, the entire drainage is checked to see if there is any fault left behind.

Commercial Areas

Commercial areas are always treated with this when they encounter drain problems. These are usually done at homes too but most of the times, the method is avoided because there are chances of a pipe bursting or getting damaged due to the very high pressure of water hence causing bigger problems. At homes normal services are required while if commercial drain cleaning is required then the afore mentioned method is the best way to ensure a quick good work.


This method is extremely effective because the pressured water gets rid of the clog perfectly and efficiently. In some cases, the gunk disappears permanently and if not permanently then the cleanliness prevails for quite some time. Safe to say if you ever require these services then don’t hesitate as they will inspect your problem and tell you yourself whether your house or work place can be fixed with the jet services or not. Without your consent they don’t work so a simple check-up won’t do any harm.


The cost for this varies from organization to organization. Some charge you less while others charge you more. However even if they charge you more, you can be relaxed about the fact that at least you won’t be suffering from some drain problems any time soon. So do try this out and we can guarantee they will bargain your price.

Final Verdict

Hence the most effective service when it comes to drain cleaning is the jet/vac services ny which costs you sometimes more than regular check-up but completely diminishes the problem from the root!

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