8 Cheap Kitchen Countertop Materials To Consider When Low On Budget

When it comes to revamping the kitchen, a lot of thought can go into designing the top key pieces of the kitchen, plus coming up with a budget that doesn’t break the bank. When thinking about remodeling the kitchen, the first key feature that comes into mind is the kitchen countertop. Not only will it be the most noticeable feature of your whole kitchen, it is by far the most portion of your kitchen as well. Whether it is baking in batches, or preparing thanksgiving dinners or teaching your kids how to cook, your kitchen countertop will withstand the test of time, which makes it crucial to invest accordingly. Granite and quartz countertops are the popular choice but should you go with them?

Here is a list of some of the most affordable and resilient kitchen countertop material ideas that we recommend you should check out before going ahead with the final purchase.


This material used to be notorious for chipping and looking cheap as time goes on, but modern laminating techniques and advanced sealant qualities have made all this a thing of the past. Thanks to the newest printing techniques available on the market today, it is even harder to distinguish laminate from the real deal. Whether it’s stone or wood, you can get almost anything done. This is definitely our top recommendation for families on a tighter budget looking for aesthetically pleasing kitchen countertops.


If you are doing kitchen remodeling to get that earthy, rustic flair, then concrete countertops can give you just that, that too at a fraction of the cost. Just a DIY polishing of the concrete counter can create astounding patterns and strains of stony textures that will make the final product much more expensive than it actually was. The best part? Concrete goes well with almost any type of kitchen, whether its modern contemporary, or a rustic timeless kitchen.


If you’re looking for the classic appearance and durability of stone countertops but on a modest budget, we recommend going for tile countertops. Today, there is a wide variety of tiles available in all sorts of textures and colors that will make you spoilt for choice. We recommend designing your own accent countertop by aligning more expensive tile options bordering affordable plain variants.


Some people might prefer the colder vibes of white marble or granite, but wooden countertops add warmth to your overall kitchen layout. Wood has the added bonus of being significantly cheaper than stone and other materials. Amongst the popular wood types, maple and bamboo top the list but there are certainly more options to choose from. Just a little heads up, if you opt for wooden countertops, make sure you budget for the annual oiling’s to keep the wood strong and lustrous.

Solid Surfaces

Known as both scratch and stain proof, solid surface acrylic countertops are a wonderful option for busy families looking for low maintenance options. The Corian variety is priced at the more higher side, but compared to marble or stone, you can save a lot of money.

Recycled Glass

Known as the more trendier and stylish countertop variant available on the market, recycled glass is slowly gaining popularity and affirmation from homeowners with a more aesthetic taste. These countertops are made by mixing recycled glass with cement and other binders. Although they are certainly a treat for the eyes, this material can be prone to breakage and chipping, which is why we advise you to use it cautiously.


If you are on a very low budget, then there is always the option to paint your own countertop. Just remember this option is only available for laminate and solid surfaces. Do not attempt to paint granite, marble or any other engineered stone.


Granite countertops are very popular amongst homeowners. Not only are they scratch and stain resistant, they offer the same appearance as marble but at a fraction of cost. The occasional sealant application may be needed every few years, but overall it is ultra-durable and low maintenance, perfect for families on a restricted budget. Contact granite contractors Potomac for more details on types and colors of granite.

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