Don’t Make These 7 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

We all want to remodel our kitchen in the best way possible, but sometimes due to lack of knowledge on the matter or some other reasons we make mistakes that sabotage the whole remodeling plan. Let’s know which kitchen remodeling mistakes people commonly make according to quartz countertop contractors and kitchen decor experts so that you can avoid them.

Not Considering the Major Placement of Things

It is better to hire some good countertop contractors as remodeling it yourself may result in huge mistake of not considering the major placement of important things like stove, fridge and washing basin along with countertop. You need to know pros and cons of quartz, granite and other countertops before you choose one. Professionals help you in remodeling your kitchen by considering all these important factors as these three things are the most used and most important part of any kitchen around the globe.

Leaving Very Small or No Storage Area

Well, ladies can better realize the need of storage area in kitchens as this is the best part of your home for planning all new parties or events you used to have with your family and friends. But it really does not mean to have extra drawers, separators and dividers into your cabinets to make things even more problematic for you to manage later on. Better to let the professional decide the remodeling design so you can enjoy a beautiful yet peaceful kitchen in the end.

Ignoring the Size of Different Things

Many people do not realize the need of synchronizing sizes of each and everything put in their kitchens and later regret to make huge blunders. For instance, if you have chosen a really beautiful granite countertop for your kitchen but the stools you chose to keep with the counter are too small for the height of counter. Ouch, the beautiful counter is of no use or you will have to spend more for getting correct sized stools. Better to consider the factor in advance to avoid such mistakes.

Poor Lighting System

Kitchen is a place where you need to have proper and bright lighting system as it is important during cooking and eating to see that what you are doing actually. Apart from need, good lighting system in kitchen also makes it look beautiful where you can feel good as this is a place where you spend most of your time when at home. But this factor is largely ignored when people remodel their kitchens themselves and later realize they could have done this or that. So, it is important to consider this point in advance in your remodeling plan before it is too late for that.

Ignoring Ventilation

Well, this could be the biggest blunder if you have really ignored ventilation part in remodeling your kitchen. Ventilation is an extremely important part of kitchen which cannot be skipped at any cost else you would probably have to remodel it all over again.

Also, the placement of ventilation duct or area is equally important to keep your kitchen free from odor of foods that you have freshly cooked for your family. So, your quartz countertop contractor should guide you well in advance about the placement to plan other lay outing of your kitchen.

Over Designing

Incorporating various ideas into your kitchen in hopes it will look 5x or 10x better is over designing as this negatively impact kitchen’s functionality. To avoid this mistake, don’t try to implement every design idea you had. Go with one design that is uniform and ensures much empty space.

Going Out of Budget

Remodeling a kitchen is an interesting project but you should keep a light hand on your pocket as well since it may cost you much more than you have already budgeted. Mostly people end up crossing their limited budget for things they did not consider in their plan earlier or they had no idea how to spend on before.

For instance, granite countertops Reston are available in numerous colors and patterns which also vary in cost a lot and you might select the one which over budgets your plan. Apparently you don’t care considering you can compensate it somewhere else which usually does not happen during implementing the plan. So, obviously it is best to be in contact with professionals to have better visibility about your expenses before you initiate any such project blindly.

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